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WHO are we and WHAT sets us apart


We are a Google Partner. We are Powered by Success. We are cannect digital.

Web Development is in our DNA; SEO runs through our veins; Driving revenue within Google is our game, and because of this, we know the best placements, keywords, strategies to maximise your investments and give you a flexible, customised advertising solution. You can have peace of mind knowing that you are dealing with a company that is capable of optimising your campaigns.

We IMMERSE ourselves into understanding every facet your business and each member of this team has been hand-picked not only for their incredible work ethic but also because of the traits they possess to be able to create a cannection to each of their clients and figure out what it is that you need.

Relationships + Reputation + Revenue = Success

Proud Google Partner

We are very proud to be a Google partner

We did it, we achieved Google Partner status which means that our Google experts have studied extensively and demonstrate the latest Google Ads skills and expertise. We have met Google’s strenuous requirements, delivered client revenue growth, and we have sustained and grown our client base. As a Google Partner, we have access to numerous benefits, and we do all of this for YOU, our clients!

So let’s get you to Rank #1 On Google

We have partnered with PPC Protect

We protect your clicks.

cannect digital is one of only THREE companies in SA using PPC Protect which results in at least a 10% saving of all clicks for our Google Ads clients. We are able to filter traffic automatically and in real time with PPC Protect’s cybersecurity driven detection engine. We can target bad traffic, secure your data and STOP invalid clicks! Let our In-house Google Guru’s have a look at your Google Ads strategy.

Our Values

Service and skills

Cannect as a whole work with integrity, inspiration and a lot of imagination. We are continually finding ways to improve, to be more innovative, to be ingenious. Our work ethic is impeccable and this shows in the quality of what we deliver for you. We follow the guiding light of #HappyToHelp

Who Are We?

Well, the short answer – We are Google Marketers, introspectively we are thought-leaders, innovators, a team who uses the game-changing digital tools at our disposal to grow your brand, your business.

What have we achieved?

We have been delivering sustainable growth while building a solid business foundation, leading us to have one heck of a dynamic, growing, forward-thinking company with most supportive, sedulous team who I am exceptionally proud to lead, they all sparkle in their own way, and have their unique and necessary places in Cannect, in each of them I have found two common traits; humility and enthusiasm.

Where do I see us heading in the future? Our thoughts are BIG, our dreams are bold and unafraid, and our actions follow suit.

I am completely driven and committed to strengthening our capabilities in all aspects of this business and to keep evolving this company into a leading International Digital Marketing Company.


From a detailed Business and Marketing BluePrint to a simple AdWords or social media campaign, planning is the corner stone of your success.


Once the plan is in place, we roll our sleeves up and get down to building a powerful digital ecosystem for you to connect with your customer.


Your plan is complete, your digital ecosystem is ready, now let's grow your business. We use Google Marketing to boost your revenue & your reputation