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Why You Should Hire A Facebook Advertising Agency in 2020!

Digital marketing continues to get more complex and the speed at which it changes can be overwhelming! Hiring a team to do your Facebook ads, seems like the obvious choice for many business owners, but you have options. Now, more than ever, the idea of outsourcing your marketing is a very real option!

When trying to find a suitable expert to manage your Facebook Ad campaigns, you are faced with typically a few ideas, should you go with an advertising agency or freelancer? Freelancer or internal digital manager?

Before you decide, here are a few factors to consider:


Save Money, Time and Resources 

If you want to hire an internal digital specialist, you need to consider the cost of training the individual to do the job.

Training a new employee can cost around R20 000! And this does not include the time and energy it takes to prepare the person for the position.

If you opt for a freelancer, the costs will be similar in order to prepare the individual for the standards of your business. In both situations, you may run the risk of having to retrain candidates if they choose to find another job.

Working with a Facebook advertising agency will allow you to skip these training costs.

In addition, agencies have the expertise from working with numerous types of businesses and are able to catch on to your company’s needs and marketing objectives faster than an individual who has only worked in one or two companies prior to you hiring them.



Life is unpredictable, and human beings cannot function like robots. At times there will be family emergencies, sickness and load shedding that will put an internal digital marketer behind schedule.

Although these situations are a part of life, as a business, they can put you behind important deadlines.

Working with an agency provides a company with stability and security. Even in times where an advertiser might fall sick or leaves, there will still be an entire team ready to pick up where they left off, ensuring your ads are completed and ready for posting!

You won’t have to deal with the headache of tracking down a freelancer or employee who has gone A-wall. Instead, you can use the time and energy to build the business.



At time advertising strategies will fail; if you only have one person who is brainstorming solutions, they might not have the luxury of a second opinion or advice from other experts in a team. This dilemma will have you paying for additional training want help find solutions and new ideas.

When you work with an agency, you fly over these challenges.

You may still encounter ads that don’t produce the desired results, but the difference is that you have a whole team of people who have a plethora of different skills and experience who can come together to problem solve and come up with new creative strategies.


Reduce Overhead Costs       

The cost of a freelancer or internal advertiser won’t be the only cost you will incur, often your business will require specialised tools and applications in order to achieve optimum results.

Examples of these costs are video editing software and various subscription services. These costs will all fall on your plate.

On the other hand, agencies tend to have already acquired the specialist software and applications and have experience in using them.

Outsourcing to an agency will save you the costs associated with hiring and training individuals as well as the additional software costs.


Top Quality Adverts

When you work with an agency, you have the benefit of having a whole team of experts to take your advert from concept to publication.

Agencies have the ability to hire people who are experts in video editing, copywriting and graphic design, to create a world-class ad. In contrast, a freelancer or in house advertiser will try to do a little bit of everything in order to bring the advert together which could result in an average ad.