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The Importance Of A Logo

The Importance Of A Logo


A logo design is a business’s identity it displays their uniqueness in perhaps a saturated market. A logo’s job is to portray a professional image of the business. If a logo is well designed and attention-grabbing, it will impress the market, increase company sales and make the company stand out in a crowd. Having an eye-catching logo is imperative for small and start-up businesses. Below are several reasons why every company should have a unique, well thought out and well-designed logo.


How does a logo affect a company’s sales?

In certain markets, some standards and rules have to be followed for a company to be considered as a stable company. By following these industry standards, a company is deemed to be professional thus gaining the trust of customers. The quality of work is the number one priority for all customers. So companies need to ask themselves what do customers interact with first when they see my product. The answer is the logo. Therefore you need to utilize this tool to its full capacity, generating a high-quality logo that people will recognize. This high-quality logo is the first step towards quality assurance for any customer.


Company Recognition

If a company is new to the market and needs to boost its growth and recognition, a logo is the best way to do this. A logo is a company’s ambassador, and it helps in a company’s marketing strategy. It can be especially useful if a company does not have a large budget. It is a marketing tool on its own and can increase growth and sales.


Get More Customers

The most significant objective for any company is to attract more customers. Sales and marketing go hand in hand. A logo that is well designed and unique it can attract new customers. People come across marketing and logos everywhere, from billboards on the highway to TV advertisements, so when they see something new and unique it is more likely to catch their attention, break the monotony. Once customers have seen a novel idea, it has a better chance of sticking in their minds, connecting the product to the brand.


Keep Elements of the Logo Relevant:

Ideally, a logo should include the company as well as an attractive tagline or captivating one-liner. This one-liner must be both relevant to your business and attractive to customers. If you plan to use an image in your logo ensure it correlates with the business model as well as the business’s product or service. All of these elements should ensure that your logo is relevant.


Common Logo Mistakes


Ambiguous Designs

If a logo does not convey what the business does, it is not a good logo. It is essential that the designer creates a logo that conveys a precise message to the target market. If it is vague, then it will hurt the reputation of the company as well as its credibility.


Copied Design

If stock images are used, the logo will not give a unique look and feel to the business. A copied design will simply ruin your credibility in the long run, and you will interfere with the business’s image. The cost might be so severe that it may be unfixable.


Unattractive Design

Your logo is your brand’s identity. Therefore, it is advisable to hire a professional logo designer like our very own Kaylene Chetty. An inexperienced designer won’t have the experience or knowledge to give the company a visually appealing and engaging yet professional feel to your logo. So don’t skimp on your logo, a well-designed one can make all the difference.



It is honestly astonishing how many businesses have a logo design just because it is considered compulsory. It is so important to understand that a logo design is a tool that can be used to build a company’s identity in the industry.  A lot of businesses go for logos that are only appealing. A logo design is not just an identity-maker.  All marketing elements serve as your business spokespeople. They are used to judge your corporate stature. Therefore, they should be high in quality and professionally designed.