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Linkedin Social Media Marketing
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Learn How To Grab Attention On LinkedIn

Are you unsure about what to post on LinkedIn? Posting just one update a day will greatly increase the number of people looking at your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn Is A Professional Network. Just a quick reminder that people using LinkedIn expect to see posts in their feed that are professional, helpful, educational, useful and relevant.

Whats Your Online Marketing Strategy?
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What’s Your Online Marketing Strategy?

Unpacking GDN and Google Ads   PPC marketing on Google has become one of the primary avenues for modern marketing. However, advertising on Google is not always so simple, you have to know which network works best for your goals and when you should use them. So, let’s start. Display Ads, these are ads that

Get more Leads - Cannect - Google Ad
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3 Amazing Benefits of Google Ads

Google Ads are one of the most effective advertising platforms to generate leads instantly. It sounds too good to be true, but the exciting thing is…it is true! Investing money in a Google Ads campaign can be daunting at first. However, the results will inevitably speak for themselves. More and more businesses are choosing Google

Google Ads & Facebook Ads
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Google Ads and Facebook Ads are a match made in Heaven.

Google Ads and Facebook Ads are a match made in Heaven.   As Valentine’s Day draws nearer, you probably find yourself in one of two camps. Either you’re delivering a dozen roses to the person of your dreams, or you’re binge-watching Netflix with a two-liter ice cream tub and only one spoon. Nothing is wrong

Paid Vs organic search
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Paid vs Organic Search

Search Engine Optimisation Vs Google Ads If your website is not featured on the First Page of Google your business will likely not be found. Very few people visit the second or third page. You urgently need to consider how optimised your website is.   Search Engine Optimisation Some businesses choose not to utilise Google