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Optimism and Optimising

Optimism and Optimising 

What Does Google’s Big Update Mean For Your Business?

We understand the current economic landscape is anything but smooth. We are in a global crisis and the reality is, it’s tough! But as Winston Churchill said, “If you going through Hell, keep going”.

As a digital agency, we are optimistic and are witnessing first-hand the transformation and evolution of the online market space.  Some of the businesses that are seeing an increase in metrics during the COVID pandemic are non-profit organisations which have seen a 23% increase in search ad conversions, while other industries that have seen positive results are finance, beauty and personal care, on demand media and the greetings gifts/flowers industry (Irvine, WordStream, 2020). We are confident that now more than ever is the time for your business to feature online as website traffic and Google searches soar!  This has all been amplified by a roughly 50% INCREASE in searches on Google.  So now is the time to get on Google.


Google Algorithm Changes

Search results continue to move after Google announced the May 4 2020 update with a warning that in may take a period of time until we see a settling.

Some of the areas that will be affected are:

Local search businesses, health related sites, rolling out worldwide and multiple languages simultaneously. Many will feel the impact of these changes as the results change hour to hour and daily.  This leads to search results becoming volatile as it may take a while to implement the changes to data centres globally.

However, the good news is that for those websites that actively work on improving their SEO (a key service of ours!) will be better placed than those who are not continually improving their optimisation.  SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a long game.  And so it should be.  It’s about ensuring the integrity of your website remains intact.  Your website is like a car – you have to service it, check oil and water, tire pressure, continually or it will deteriorate.  So focus on optimisation by getting a specialist to check the security, the structural integrity and then update with blogs, new products, additional relevant content and see the rewards over time – which is your improved ranking on Google.  After all the end game is to get you ranking on page 1 (because who really searches past page 1?)



COVID-19 Affecting Search Patterns

It goes without saying that COVID-19 has indeed affected Google’s algorithm which determines what it is that people want to see when they are making a search query.


What Do Updates Target?


It’s important to understand that Google broad core updates do not target a specific sector or industry.

A change in the algorithm could have a massive impact on an industry but that does not mean that industry was targeted specifically.

Google has a track record of rolling out broad core updates that affect areas like understanding user search objectives and for understanding what web pages are about and how those pages are relevant to search queries.

What Should You Do?

Invest in a well optimised website which will determine how well your website will rank on Google. Google recognises and rewards websites with the best SEO optimisation by placing their listings at a higher rank on search engine results.  If your website is not optimised for Google’s 2020 updates, sadly you will fall behind.

Why Is SEO Important For Your Website?   

Having quality SEO increases page ranking, exposure and traffic to your website. Understanding the relationship between website design and SEO helps gain awareness of how they work together to help a website appear on search results. The better your SEO, the higher your chances are of getting onto the first page of Google.


On the flip side, understanding the relationship between SEO and your website will also give you an insight into how a poorly designed website can affect business performance and page ranking.  A quality SEO takes patience to build but is worth the time and effort in the long run, enhancing the brand and its marketing efforts.

Why Google Ads Are Important For Your Business?

While both SEO and Google Ads are marketing strategies used to acquire leads and generate more traffic to websites, a Google Ads campaign works much faster to get your business to Rank #1 on Google.

Google Ads are faster and effective as they:

  • Instantly give your business the opportunity to feature at the top of the first page of Google.
  • Target multiple keywords at any given time.

Investing in Google Ads does not mean you should ignore SEO and the organic approach of ranking on the first page.

SEO has long-term benefits and should be used in tandem with your Google Ads campaign for the ultimate short-term and long-term success in search results.

Simply put, Google Ads gives you the instant exposure at a cost where SEO is a long-term process.

There are so many other considerations in the Google environment for businesses to think about and here are a couple for you to consider: Google My Business, this is the screen that appears in Google when your customer is searching for what you offer.  It has the usual components like contact details, maps and so on, but this can and must be used as a dynamic “social media” type channel.

Updating specials, videos are also important…and of course, this is where Google Reviews are displayed. Think about how you are managing your reviews and do you know that they impact your SEO?  And then there is video.  Did you know Google owns YouTube? So make sure you are running a YouTube channel and updating it regularly.  It will have an impact on your SEO and contribute to making it easier and more powerful for your customers to find you.

As business owners we are all facing a brave new world…together! As digital experts we see the changes happening in the online space and have the expertise to help your business in turbulent times to survive…and then thrive.