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Learn How To Grab Attention On LinkedIn

Are you unsure about what to post on LinkedIn?

Posting just one update a day will greatly increase the number of people looking at your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn Is A Professional Network.

Just a quick reminder that people using LinkedIn expect to see posts in their feed that are professional, helpful, educational, useful and relevant.

Here are a few ideas on how you can post status updates on LinkedIn:


1. Share a Video

You may not feel comfortable on camera, but you can share a video that educates or inspires.


2. Share Infographics

Eye-catching and data combined into one! Infographics draw attention.


3. Share Stats

Either create stats from an article or reshare data other people have shared.


4. Share Tips

Simple, straight forward help for all levels of LinkedIn users. What do you know a lot about that you could offer a weekly tip on?


5. Share A Colleague’s Work

When you see a colleague sharing great content, mentioned in the news or an article they’ve written, reshare their work! And be sure to tag them!


6. Share an Interesting Article

Sharing articles relevant to your industry or career helps people know where your interests lie.  But, don’t just share it- add your logic, reasoning and tag the person who wrote it, add hashtags.