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How To Turn Your LinkedIn Profile Into A Lead Machine!

LinkedIn can seem like an intimidating and complicated space, but the good news is it doesn’t have to be! With a few simple and smart tactics, you can turn your LinkedIn profile into a lead generating magnet!

Before we get started, here are a few things to keep in mind.

LinkedIn is a competitive space with over half a billion members, merely having a LinkedIn profile is not enough; there is a high chance potential clients will never find you.

Secondly, your profile should speak to your ideal client and not be a boring regurgitation of your CV. After all, are you looking for a job or wanting leads?

Your profile should be easily found when someone searches for what you do and should be compelling enough to make people want to know more about you, make yourself irresistible!

Here are five critical tips to optimising your LinkedIn profile.


Grab Attention With Your Headline

Your headline is the most important part of your profile. It tells potential clients what you do but most importantly, what you can do for them!

Keep your headline short, sharp and impactful.



Terry Flack

I help Hotels, B&B’s & Restaurants boost REVENUE by up to 20% through DIRECT BOOKINGS by Ranking #1 on Google in 30 days.


Courtney Turner

I generate 5 – 10 high quality, qualified leads per week for time scarce business owners using LinkedIn.


Jansher Khan

I am a Google Ads Specialist, helping my customers generate quality leads by getting them to #1 on Google in 7 days.


Use a Professional High-Resolution Profile Photo

Your profile picture should be a close up high-quality image of you (not your pet, spouse, company logo, or some distant photo of you).


Branded Background Picture

This is an image branded with your company logo and short value pitch along with a picture that represents your company’s brand look and feel.


Have A Value Pitch As Your Summary

Your summary should focus on solutions you provide with your expertise and the value you bring. It should be less about your past accomplishments and more focused on the solutions you can bring to clients. How you can really help them.


Summary Example- In The Hospitality Industry:

We start with a plan for you to connect with prospective guests, which means MORE LEADS, IMPROVED OCCUPANCY and ultimately, more revenue to continuously improve your GUEST EXPERIENCE. Using our cutting edge digital tools driven by GOOGLE HOTEL ADS, we help your hotel, lodge or B&B grow and SUCCEED through more DIRECT BOOKINGS. We also help manage and IMPROVE your REPUTATION in the marketplace and amplify your RELATIONSHIPS with your current and previous guests ensuring they book again.

Let’s have a conversation so we can help you reach your market, consistently and profitably. ROMI means Return On Marketing Investment – is your marketing delivering you a measurable return!! We want to get you RANKED #1 on Google!!


Get Recommendations From Clients  

LinkedIn allows you to display recommendations from clients on your profile. Recommendations can be a vital sales tool to help optimise your profile toward lead generation.

A LinkedIn recommendation is a written statement by a LinkedIn member to recognise or commend you. A recommendation can be requested from your 1st –degree connections who value your work, products or services, so take advantage of this tool.

Learn how to request a recommendation on LinkedIn.

In conclusion, your LinkedIn profile can be turned into a lead generating magnet with a few simple tricks like grabbing attention with your headline, using a professional high-resolution profile photo, using branded background picture, having a value pitch as your summary and getting recommendations from your clients.