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How to get more people to open your emails

How to get more people to open your emails.


Are you getting too few emails? I can tell you that the answer is no. So as a marketer or business owner you need to figure out which emails fall into the category of those that are opened and not into the junk or spam category.

But what are emails that people want to open? They are emails that offer timely information, a reward for taking quick action, fresh news or personal invites. But you also need to realize that people recognize pitchy emails by subject lines that talk about anything “free”, anything that gives you a percentage off, or something that requests a donation.

Email subject lines or headers should catch people’s attention. They should be short, to the point and provide enough info to make the reader curious enough to open the email. When trying to stand out in somebody’s inbox steer clear of cliché taglines and instead try to implement these practices.


Be on time

Make sure to plan your email delivery schedule. But in doing that make sure that you are consistent not only in the delivery but also in the content you deliver. If you have sent an email once a month stick to that schedule, If you have sent them special offers and news continue to do so. You want to condition your audience to open your emails as they get them.

Content should be interesting and relevant.

This may sound like a stuck record, but honestly, this is your best tool to engage with and maintain the interest of your audience.

Send emails from your email address.

When you send emails from a nondescript or a no-reply email address, it creates a disconnect. People want to interact so by writing in a non-engaging way you fail to build a relationship with your target audience.


Keep your subject line short.

Subject lines that are short and sweet lose the pitch tone, and people become curious. When people read through their emails, they do so quickly probably only reading the first 3-5 words, especially with mobile users. This means including the most important info in the first few words is so important.

The better you communicate your point, the more likely people are to open your email.

At this point, you should think about your own experiences when scrolling through your personal emails. What made you curious enough to open an email, but also what made you want to delete one. By understanding this point, it will allow you to create an email that conveys your message in an exciting and captivating way.


Ask questions, be urgent or even outrageous.

People love different they love seeing the unexpected something that is perhaps alarming or even funny. People, in general, are curious beings, you need to ignite that spark within them with inside information or top secret and exclusive information.


Be Personal.

Write your email like your talking to your friend. Keep all your text conversational as if it were an interactive conversation. Create an email that makes it appear that you are talking to an individual and not a large group of people. People like to know that they are important and that you have taken the time to write to them personally. But keep it upbeat and free from spam.


Pick the right time to send.

Think of when your receiver would see and open your email. This can sometimes be a challenge to predict. But if you check your analytics and test different days and times of the day, you will find an ideal time to send when open rates are high.


Keep it simple.

People in the general populous only read at about a grade 8 level, so if you are using technical and high English words, you will not receive a positive response. When you converse with a friend, you wouldn’t use these words, so select words that people can easily relate to and understand.


Your message should be positive.

Info that is happy and upbeat is more likely to get opens than those that are negative. Keep it fresh and interesting without being morbid.


Don’t feel like you have to say too much.

Only send an email when you have something relevant and helpful. Your target audience is looking for fun tips, things that will improve their knowledge or even save them money, so write accordingly.

In essence, the main lessons here are to build a relationship with your audience, be consistent and relevant, and use taglines that your audience will learn to expect. If you use these steps, you will create emails that will inspire and boost your open rate.