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5 Qualities Of A Powerful Brand.

The 5 Qualities of a Powerful Brand

With the amount of competition businesses face in their industries, it is so important to stand out and develop a unique identity. While it is essential to offer products and services of high quality, powerful and effective branding is often what lies at the centre of a thriving company.

A brand is the understanding or idea someone holds in their minds about your company’s services or products. Building a unique brand can only be done by applying effort to create the desired perception in your target audiences mind. Here are a few things that successful companies do to create a brand identity that is unique and memorable.

Know your customer

All the best and most successful brand have a solid understanding of their demographics and target market, what they have interests in, and how they interact and communicate. Do you have an ideal target audience that you are marketing to? To provide the right direction and feel for your marketing campaigns, it’s critical to know your target audience. Doing this will help you create a fantastic organic and human connection between your business and your audience. When you do not target a specific audience and try to appeal to everyone, it can be counterproductive. This can cause your brand to become diluted.

Being Unique

When you build a brand identity, your marketing needs to be both distinctive and impactful. We only need to look at other successful brands to see this. An example of this is Apple, who have branded themselves as innovators promoting minimalist aesthetics. Or when it comes to companies that provide services, for example, Domino’s Pizza guarantees their pizza will be delivered in 30 mins, or it’s free. People also respect initiatives that take very little participation but lead to world change like KFC’s Add Hope initiative which asks for a donation of two Rand, your two Rand (combined with millions of others) is used to feed thousands of vulnerable children. Finding a niche doesn’t require a radical idea, it merely requires your company to have a unique aspect that separates it from your competitors. Learn what makes your company different and build your brand around that idea.

Truly love your brand

While you can build a brand without passion, it becomes impossible to sustain it. When you look to successful individuals, they have an immense drive, which keeps them moving forward encouraging them to deliver the wow factor. It is this passion and drive that becomes infectious.

When you are excited about your product or service, your customers will be too. This will lead to word of mouth advertising and referrals. This will help businesses through rough times and sales troughs.

Be consistent.

If a customer returns to your business for a repeat sale, they will expect the same service and the same quality of product they initially received. No one wants to continue working with or buying products from an inconsistent company. In industries that are highly saturated, inconsistency can be enough to drive consumers to take their business elsewhere. Make sure your brand is always displayed consistently online and offline.


Another part of becoming a successful and distinctive brand is being able to connect with your audience through many channels. Larger companies have an advantage due to their larger marketing budget and a large number of connections. But the internet and social media have shrunk the gap between large and small companies. There are so many tools to utilise nowadays, which gives start-up companies a better opportunity to set up a distinct brand. By creating a social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+), by using these, in conjunction with a powerful website, email marketing, other targeted digital tools you can reach almost any prospective customer.

If you implement these strategies, you will create a brand that stands out from your competitors.