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Digital Marketing Tips To Power Your Business Through COVID-19!

All businesses are feeling the impact of COVID-19, BUT there are strategies you can implement to help your business thrive during tough times.

As business owners, we will be looking carefully at budgets, finding the best ways to deliver our products and services cost-effectively.

In times of uncertainty, marketing budgets are often the first to be cut. However, this could be a short-term fix that could have long -term repercussions for your business.

Maintaining an online presence for your target market is vital for long-term profitability and in the case of COVID-19 is the only way to adapt and thrive. Now,  more than ever, is the time to have an online presence that will bring in revenue for your business.


Here are digital tips to help your business thrive:


Retain Your Existing Customers

In the digital space, out of sight is out of mind! Focus on building relationships with your customers by providing value for them. Remember, it’s easier to retain an existing customer than to find a new one!


Marketing Automation

Focus on sending out personalised, contextualised, targeted messages to your existing customers who want to receive your communication.  Keep the digital touchpoints going through social channels, email marketing and website.


Content Marketing

Content marketing is an essential component for your strategic marketing campaigns for keeping in touch with your existing customers. Share the innovations that your business is currently making and your unique selling points that differentiates your offering from your competitors.

Tip: Revisit old content, update it and look for ways to improve it, which will help your ranking in the search engines.


Social Media

The social spaces are a great way to start conversations with your current customers. Platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn allow your customers to discuss purchasing decisions and interact with your brand.

Use these platforms to listen to your customers, understand their needs and learn more about your target market. Don’t forget that social platforms are not one-way communication. Your conversations need to offer valuable input.


Increase Your Brand Visibility To Your Target Market

Building brand awareness gets more visibility, which means driving more visitors to your website to make sales.

One of the ideal ways to be found by a potential customer is when they are searching for what you are selling.

Now is the time to explore cost-effective techniques that will consistently keep your brand front of mind with its target audience. Setting aside an advertising budget for keeping your brand visible will yield long-term benefits. Our tip is to focus on creating quality content that will get shared.


Drive Conversions

A  high impact digital marketing strategy to focus on is conversion rate optimisation. Introducing small incremental changes to the user journey will convert more website visitors into customers.

Positive stories about your business will be an essential part of the content on your website. Include cases studies, recommendations and reviews at every touchpoint in your marketing. Take the time to integrate this content throughout your website and on your social channels!


Don’t Forget To Measure!

If you can’t measure, then you can’t manage.  And if you can’t manage, then you could be wasting money.

Being able to measure provides accountability for your marketing spend. You may want to measure sales, numbers of leads generated, upsells, or referrals.

Now is the time to make sure you have defined your key performance indicators.


Google Analytics

Ensure you are covering all the foundations and are using the data to drive your marketing efficiencies. Take advantage of the free data that Google Analytics provides to you that can help shape your strategy.

When marketing budgets are tight,  knowing what works best for your business will help you decide where to invest your cash.


If At First, You Don’t Succeed, Try Again!

You will need to be agile, creative and determined to win!  Be sure to measure your success, and learn from your experiments.

If you struggle with digital marketing or don’t have the time to implement and measure digital strategies, remember we are here to help! Contact Cannect Digital today.