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7 Ways LinkedIn Generates Leads

7 ways LinkedIn generates leads

If LinkedIn were a child, it would be the middle child, starved of attention due to its more flashy social media siblings like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. But since Microsoft announced its acquisition of LinkedIn, for $26.2 billion, people have taken notice. LinkedIn is now one of the best lead generation tools, connecting like-minded people and generating business to business sales. As it happens, several thousand business reports have ranked LinkedIn as the most important social media platform, even more so than Facebook. So here are 7 ways we generate leads through LinkedIn.


1. The power is in your hands.

In the past connecting people and generating leads for your business meant flipping through the yellow pages and making cold calls hoping someone would want to buy your product or service. Thankfully it’s no longer such a tiring process, LinkedIn gives you the ability to access over 450 million users, connect with your target audience and simply wait for their reply. This form of control minimizes expenses and increases productivity. Allowing you to close the book and put down the phone.


2. Make your profile appealing.

If you look at most people’s LinkedIn profiles, they are bland, they say very little about the person and have nothing to do with what the individual does or anything about how they can solve people’s issues. So here are just a few methods we use to improve your LinkedIn page making it more appealing to prospective customers. We take professional profile images to implement into your profile. This shows potential clients that you’re serious about what you do. We create a profile that shows people what you do and how you can solve their problems. To increase credibility we encourage our clients to attain testimonials from satisfied customers, and this creates an element of trust and assists in the development of long-lasting relationships. Each component comes together to create a profile guaranteed to bring in high-quality leads.


3. Turn profile views into business leads.

As a LinkedIn user, you’re probably familiar with the “someone viewed your profile” notification. Most of the time we look at it and trash it. But doing this could be a huge mistake. Instead, we use these notifications as opportunities to generate business.  Once we’ve found a viable prospect from the people who have viewed your profile, we send them a personalized message and invite them to connect with you. If you think about this process, it’s a logical step. This person has taken the time to view your profile and learn more about you so they might very well be interested in the products and services you/your business offers.


4. Reach Targeted, relevant prospects

If you are serious about generating leads through LinkedIn, it is essential to register for the premium version of LinkedIn. This gives you access to sales navigator. Sales Navigator allows us to find the right prospects faster with customized, sales-specific insights like lead recommendations and company updates. This time-saving tool will enable us to search and find your ideal client, making your conversion rate significantly higher than cold calling. This targeting can be automated or done manually each has its benefits, contact us to find out how we can maximize your LinkedIn prospect reach.


5. Constant contact closes

One of the best ways to close a deal is constant contact which makes sure that the prospect knows you value them. In these follow-up emails (which can be from 6-14 messages) we always include a welcome message that greets your prospective client, thanks to them for connecting and asks them how your company’s services could benefit their business. If the client is open to your product or services, this will lead to a close of sale email. This will only occur if your contact has been exciting and engaging.


6. Stay Relevant

When you are in the process of searching for new customers, it’s essential to stay relevant. As you begin to amass a following on LinkedIn, it’s important to keep your follows informed and updated with relevant content. This allows your followers to interact with your profile and help your brand become a trusted source of information. By keeping active people know that you’re serious about what you do, this will play a part in allowing you to close deals.


7. Re-approach

This may seem like a daunting task, but using the leads which did not convert into sales is imperative. These people were interested in your product or service. They just needed to be given the right answers to their questions. So once a lead goes cold, re-message them with a new approach and perhaps a different angle. This may spark interest and turn a once prospect into a sale.

Using LinkedIn as a lead generation tool allows you to access a broader audience in the comfort of your office, it requires no cold calling or time-consuming hours paging through the yellow pages. Often this process can be overwhelming and as a business owner, you do not have the time to monitor this sort of software. LinkedIn is a powerful tool that in the right hands can generate significant leads, at Cannect Digital we have the resources and know-how to turn your LinkedIn page into a lead magnet. Feel free to contact us to find out more.