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How to leverage your Google Business Profile to improve your marketing

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It is no secret that a number of businesses are embracing the digital age, and why wouldn’t they? The potential that Google Business Profile (or GBP) offers to businesses is absolutely mind-blowing. For those of you who are embracing the digital revolution, here are some easy and effective ways for you to leverage your GBP profile to improve your marketing.

  1.   Use GBP to improve your SEO- your Google business profile plays a very crucial role in your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). By ensuring that your profile has updated information such as your website, contact details, address, and images, it will increase the chance of your business being discovered from organic searches.

  • Integrate your social media- Google Business Profile allows you to add links to other social media, which can be an essential part of your social review strategy. Businesses can post customer feedback and experiences from their GBP unto their social media. 

  • Email Marketingbusinesses can write call-to-actions on their newsletters and blogs asking their readers to leave reviews on their business profile, even incorporating a reward system for readers who leave a review. 

  • Use Insights and Q&A feature to improve service offering-  for any business, customer satisfaction is key for repeat business. To achieve this challenging feat, businesses must strive to understand their target audience needs, and use their own unique strategies to meet customer needs. The Google Insights feature on GBP, allows businesses to have a deeper understanding of their customer journey, as it allows businesses to find out how your customers found your business, and what actions they take. The Q&A feature allows for businesses to answer customer questions regarding their products, this can be an essential data source when creating an FAQ section for your website. It also allows businesses to gain insights on how  to improve their products, which can be essential for your marketing strategy. 

Even though your GBP serves as a virtual business card, it still offers additional features that can help your business grow strategically. Look at your profile as an alternative communication platform and integrate it strategically with your social campaigns to maximize on your marketing efforts. Ultimately, Google is the gift that keeps on giving, and it presents more opportunities for you to grow your business as more features and developments are made to improve the platform.