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Spice up your Email Marketing with these trending tips

“Email marketing is dead” said so many unknowingly, but here at cannect we love a good horror story so we are about to share with you the importance of having an email marketing strategy in place, and how to Frankenstein your email pipeline. 

There is a common misconception that email marketing is dead, or that consumers do not spend time reading email content. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. The secret to impactful email marketing is in the content, if the consumers are captivated by what you are saying, then they are bound to engage with your content more. 

More businesses are reigniting their email marketing because they now see that its value never died, like the big kid in the playground, email marketing had to take the backseat and let the other kids have their 15 minutes of fame. Marketers world-wide are realising that email marketing presents a rare and lucrative opportunity, as you are fully in control of your communication platform ( because algorithms on other social media are such a pain to navigate), and you actually have an audience that wants to engage with your brand. The question then remains, how do I capitalise on this? Well here are some trending tips that you can utilise to revamp your email marketing. 

Segmentation is a must- imagine attending a geography class, only to find that the teacher is teaching mathematics, you’d feel strange and out of place right? That is exactly why it is important to segment, understanding your audience and their needs is key to creating effective and engaging content. 

Product Education- nobody understands your product better than you do. By utilising email marketing you can also make your audience aware of the various benefits and uses of your product. Always lead with addressing a problem or pain-point for your customers, providing value is always more important than gaining virality. It will help you in the long run to maintain an audience that is loyal to your brand.

Personalisation always wins- if you want to improve engagement and your open rates, then personalisation should be a key focus in your email marketing strategy. Email marketing essentially is an opportunity to have a conversation with your audience. But how will your audience know who you are talking to if you don’t say so? It’s true that you cannot cater for everybody, but providing excellent value for that select few also lets your audience know that you take great effort in providing content that is specific for them. It puts the reader in a mindset that you are prioritising them over the rest of the market. 

Subject lines sell the story- always remember that the subject line is the first thing that your audience sees, so what is gonna make them open that email? The subject line is where you start getting personal, give your readers a compelling  reason to open your email. Depending on your brand, the subject line also provides an opportunity to express your creativity, use emojis, impactful short sentences to grab your reader’s attention, and captivate them with your engaging content. 

Charity starts at home- email marketing is a pretty fluid strategy and can be used to improve other areas of your business. Question is how? Incentivise, incentivise, incentivise. Who doesn’t like a freebie when they see one? The answer to that question should already alert you of the potential of this tactic. By creating an incentivised program, you are compelling your audience to engage with your brand, and this can be very effective for a number of initiatives.

 Take John for example, John owns an IT company but wants to start doing webinars on cybersecurity. John could send out an email to his audience letting them know that he will be engaging with webinars on cybersecurity, or he could divide his webinar into a series of webinars, and then proceed to offer the last series of the webinar, free for all members who engaged in the series. Which tactic do you think is going to work best? 

The  race to own your audience has already begun and it is upon ourselves to ensure that we provide the best value for your clients, to keep their continued patronage. Always remember to keep your clients on the forefront of any initiative that you do, put yourself into their shoes and ask yourself, would you engage with this content? What problem or pain-point am I solving? And lastly, creativity is key to the success of any strategy, keep in mind that your audience’s attention comes at a cost, and that cost is creativity. Find new and engaging ways to communicate with your audience, keep them captivated and invested in your content, by speaking to them in a manner that they will be able to engage and resonate with. It is time to put all of these handy tips to the test, and see if they don’t revolutionise your email marketing strategy, or if you want the expert touch, come through and have a chat with us, and we will be sure to get your emails buzzing again in scintillating style.