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Threads – Industry insights into the Twiitter-Killer 

The internet has been raging over the new social platform that is Threads, with many industry experts claiming that Threads could be the new replacement for Twitter. Let’s take a deep dive into the viral platform that seems to have taken the digital world by storms. 

So what is Threads? It is a new app introduced by Meta that focuses on a thread-based conversation. It encourages users to engage in the ongoing conversation or the user generated content. Thus far it has proven to be a key tactic in increasing engagement with audiences. The platform promotes users to share their thoughts, opinions and experiences with the brand. 

The seamless integration of Instagram to the Threads platform allows for brands to connect to their already existing audiences. While Instagram is a more  imaged and video based platform, the text-focus of Threads allows for greater connection between users and brands, and it makes it easier for the cross-promotion of content across platforms and campaigns. 

So what does this all mean for businesses? Well from the digital marketing aspects, it certainly does open up new opportunities for businesses to leverage. Threads presents a new avenue for blogging, with its easy integration of other platforms such as WordPress, and it allows for more character usage than its current competitor Twitter. 

With Threads being relatively new to the scene, it presents brands with the opportunity to increase their audiences and reach, with the algorithm still in its infancy stages. And as the number of users continues to grow, it is expected that Threads will introduce paid advertising, which could  revolutionise how brands manage their social campaigns. 

The bottomline is that Threads provides an alternate and creative way for businesses to reach and connect with their audiences. Being part of the Meta database, the future looks bright for the social platform with more features and capabilities certainly in the works. It is definitely worth exploring for any business that wishes to increase engagement with their audience. If you feel you need a hand integrating Threads into your business, book a FREE chat with us, we would be more than happy to help