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It’s Trending – Check It Out!

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We have briefly touched on the importance of creating and maintaining your Google Business Profile listing, but now is where we take an in-depth look into the good, the bad and the ugly! 

We briefly mentioned Google’s MAP PACK. Let’s get into that a little more, the Google MAP Pack is part of the Search Engine Results page after you search for something in Google, say a consumer searches “locksmiths near me” Google will show the top three listings in its MAP Pack, if you, my dear, are not in the top 3, chances are that the consumer won’t scroll down further to find you! 

These are the nifty little tips that you should be keeping your eye on if you are aiming to take your spot on that pack, Google looks at these factors when ranking Google Business Profile Listings for the MAP Pack:

  • A number of reviews and responses from the business owner. (RING ANY BELLS? our first newsletter this year!)
  • The amount of positive vs negative reviews
  • Review Star ratings 
  • The frequency of your reviews 

Let’s talk.

Reviews – as with everything in business, consistency is key – Having that consistent flow of reviews not only boosts your ranking but also boosts your reputation score! However, if you’re thinking of slapping on a few fake reviews to get you going, bad move, think again! This is only going to look suspicious to Google and could be marked up as spam (especially if they are all coming from the same IP address!). An excellent idea and something we always recommend to our customers is to integrate your Google reviews as rotating reviews on your website for you to flaunt all those wonderful words from your customers! 

Ratings – Your average star rating will appear as the actual star rating in Google search results. That is quite a first impression you can make; don’t let that pass you by. While the star ratings in Google may not affect your rankings, they certainly influence the local search ranking. Not to mention, it builds on your social proof, credibility, and trustworthiness as a whole. According to Search Engine Journal and a Bright Local Survey – “48% of consumers won’t even look twice at a business with less than 4-stars.” That is rather a substantial amount of consumers.

Growing – cannect digital uses our expertise, different tools, tips, and resources to make it easier to connect with customers on Google. Personalising your profile, monitoring your reviews and messages and responding, maintaining your listing by keeping everything up to date as well as designing and creating weekly posts.  We Take charge of your profile creating the best first impression. We highlight essential information and show what makes your business unique.