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5 Digital Marketing trends for 2023 

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What are the most important digital marketing trends we’ll likely see in 2023? Let’s take a look at 5 trends to look out for in 2023.

This article will help you to keep your eye on the ball regarding the marketing trends you need to incorporate to keep ahead of the pack come 2023. 

Nobody can say with absolute certainty what the future of marketing will look like, but we can offer useful insights into some of the possibilities.

1. Story-driven content

What storytelling does is provide an avenue for you to connect with your consumers unlike any other. Brands are empowered to sell their values, their personality, and their VOICE, in such a way that feels less like a hard sale and more like a concerted effort to build relationships with customers, the basic elements of brand storytelling are consistency, authenticity, learning your audience, clearly communicating the problem you solve, building your character, and connecting with your community. 

2. Graphic Design and Visualisation

While we agree that smart speakers and voice search have exploded recently, you may feel that “readable turned audible” is where it’s at, HOWEVER, it has certainly not overtaken the importance that visuals and design offer consumers.

The truth is, that yes it’s true these advancements in voice search are certainly influencing the way we create content now and in the future of course, BUT you shouldn’t neglect visual content not now, not ever, just take a look at Google Shopping Ads, Pinterest, TikTok, who are investing in visual search technology. 

Most consumers are more interested in clicking on an advertisement if the visual elements pique their interest first before even reading a thing.

3. Personalisation

Learning how to creep into your customer’s hearts, will stand you in good stead! Think about this scenario – along comes Mary, she has two similar products in front of her, one is yours, and the other is your competition’s, she needs to decide which one she’s going to buy, how do you get her to choose your product over your competition’s? Well, our money’s on the brand that won her heart. The way to do this is to personalise your marketing to meet their needs. People love to hear their name and see it in print, all very good and well, but there is so much more you can do today with the technology we have, digital marketing teams can analyse and collect all kinds of data to identify patterns to more effectively target your potential customers (and make it personal.)

4. Conversational marketing through instant messaging and WhatsApp

There was a time when enquiring required significant time for a consumer — a phone call, store visit, and most recently email or online forms.

But not today? Businesses are chatting with customers through instant messaging platforms and Whatsapp. 

What better way to interact with your customers than to instant message them almost as if having a conversation with a friend? Customers don’t want to talk to someone who is reading from a script. They want help that’s friendly and specific to their needs and situation. They also want immediate response times. 

5. Strategic Marketing through a marketing action plan

“Knowledge is power”, “failing to plan is planning to fail”, and “an hour of planning can save you 10 hours of doing” Pick your poison!

What we are trying to say is that to be successful in your marketing endeavours, it comes down to having a plan of action, and your marketing action blueprint to enable a cohesive flow and allow you to follow best practices always, using the latest techniques and technology.

It reinforces everything to everyone involved in the business and goes all the way back to the why of your business as a whole, it ensures that your marketing goals and objectives align with the overall goals of your business and fundamental business processes and procedures. It helps companies to improve customer service, and experience, it boosts brand awareness & reputation, and at the end of the day (and sales funnel) increases revenue and profits.