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What is SEO and why is it so vital?

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SEO means Search Engine Optimisation! To keep it short and sweet, if your website is optimised well, this in turn optimises your visibility online. You will rank higher on search engine results pages (aka Google), which means that more people will see your website, and your website traffic increases, improving your chances to supply your product or service to more consumers.

Why do you need it? (and you really do!)

As with anything marketing, SEO is about quantity and quality. If your website is optimised consistently on both the back end and the front end, the Google Algorithm will be able to find, index, and understand its content and therefore increase your search ranking on the results page.

Building SEO takes time and consistent effort to update and refine, with constant monitoring and reworking your:

  • Keyword analysis
  • Backlink building
  • Content creation

Each is just as important as the other and each will strengthen your SEO for digital marketing purposes.

Keyword Analysis

This is where we find out the power of words, these words have the power to aid your rankings online, not just aid might I add, CONTROL, they give your website authority,  these are called Keywords. They can be single words or phrases (aka long-tail keywords). They are words that consumers use to find what they are searching for. The thing with Keywords is that they need to be researched and then strategically placed in your content so that your content flows, and the quality is high – this is a lot harder than you think it might be!

Backlink Building

This is all about improving your credibility! Backlinks are elements on your website that link back to other high-quality, credible websites. Citing sources that are relevant to your area of expertise. Backlink building should be done strategically and very importantly ETHICALLY.

They are the currency of the internet. Websites with plenty of backlinks are deemed “authoritative” and are given a higher ranking in Google. While websites that don’t have any are bound to wander the cyber deserts of obscurity.

Content Creation

Your content allows you to communicate directly with your audience, whether they are existing clients or prospective customers. Your wordsmithery can create a sense of trust, brand consistency, and engagement. It’s a way to show your customers your human side, as well as your result-driven, analytical side. It shows your customers who you are and what you can offer them, engaging with them and ultimately driving traffic.

It can be anything that your audience views or hears, like:

  • Blogs and Newsletters
  • Webpage copy
  • Videos
  • Social media posts
  • Google Ads
  • LinkedIn lead generation and articles

Do you see how important it is now? Should we explain in even more detail? No problem, come through to the office, let’s have a coffee and chat!