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3 Reasons Why You Need Our Tailor-Made Marketing Action Plan To Accelerate Your Growth

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Here at cannect digital, we call it “Our Success Road Map ” and we believe every business should have one, no excuses, and no exceptions. 

Getting results doesn’t just happen by chance. 

Creating a marketing strategy ensures that you’re targeting the right audience, with relevant content that appeals to them. The more time you spend creating a mapped-out strategy, the more opportunities you create to sell your product or service.


You need a plan because it takes away the hesitation, procrastination, questions and uncertainty from employees and managers and replaces it with a definitive plan, a blueprint so to speak so that everyone in the business knows the goals where the company is headed and knows precisely what they need to do to get there and to deliver results! 

It creates accountability and knowledge, and we all know that knowledge is power. 

So, what does an effective marketing strategy look like?

It’s a well-thought-out, structured document outlining your business’s focus, culture, USP (Unique Selling Point/Proposition) – which cannect has changed to UVP – Unique Value Proposition), your business goals, ideal target market, your business scorecard, positioning in the marketplace, brand essence, your multi-channel marketing goals and calendar, a timeline for implementation, and your purpose as a business! Your success roadmap will provide a clear framework for reaching your sales targets.

Now, if you’re still not convinced that it’s about time to get your cannect digital success roadmap done and dusted, here are our 3 reasons why you need to get your heinie to Problem Mkhize Road first thing Monday morning to get started…


  1. Stop wasting your moolah and precious time – When you don’t have a clear plan in place, it’s tempting to just throw a little bit of money here and there on one-off campaigns. NOT GONNA WORK PEOPLE! (read the next step to find out why) It really is a total waste of both your time and money.

  2. Consistency, consistency, consistency… let’s throw in another for good measure CONSISTENCY! – There… got it? With a marketing action plan, this is extremely doable!… Why – because you’ve outlined your audience, you know exactly how to engage with them and on which platforms, and how often, boom, consistency becomes easy. 

  3. With set goals and objectives, you can measure them and work out your ROI – we hate to watch you floundering about, trying to jump-start your marketing campaigns. Yes, you might see an ok result here and there, but there is no way to keep it up, and ask yourself, is ok… ok!? Do you want ok, or do you WANT results leading to success, leading to growth!?