You are currently viewing METAVERSE – There Is Huge Advertising Space Here If You Aren’t Using It, Are You Even Real?

METAVERSE – There Is Huge Advertising Space Here If You Aren’t Using It, Are You Even Real?

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METAVERSE – There is huge advertising space here if you aren’t using it, are you even real?


AI and the Metaverse

The Metaverse presents an entirely new space for advertisers and marketers to be able to reach their audience. Businesses need to begin considering how the Metaverse will unfold so they can take part in the building and evolution of this new reality.  According to “The metaverse is the name given for a unified persistent digital environment, where users can work and play together. It’s a virtual world, like the internet, but with the emphasis on enabling immersive experiences, often created by the users themselves.”  Even though the reality of an all-encompassing online virtual world isn’t here just yet, we will see more signs of its evolution in the coming months – Quoting The New York Times “Video games like Roblox and Fortnite and Animal Crossing: New Horizons, in which players can build their own worlds, have metaverse tendencies, as does most social media. If you own a non-fungible token or even just some crypto, you’re part of the metaversal experience. Virtual and augmented reality are, at a minimum, metaverse adjacent. If you’ve attended a work meeting or a party using a digital avatar, you’re treading into the neighborhood of metaversality.” 

So, the question is, will you be dipping your toes into unknown waters of the metaverse just yet, or are you going to sit on the shore and wait to see which way the tide goes?


  1. NFT’s and Cryptocurrency

After talking about the Metaverse, another huge tech trend is NFTs – which is short for non-fungible tokens, according to “NFTs are the future for creators, creatives, and collectors, and this is just the beginning.” Even socialites are hopping onto the NFT bandwagon with Paris Hilton, having invested in NFTs and digital art as well as releasing her own NFTs. 

With social media platforms including Twitter having taken the first steps to integrate cryptocurrency payments and Facebook promoting the use of NFT display purchases and avatars, more and more businesses are taking a step in this direction – perhaps now is the time to get involved, what are you waiting for?! What you need to focus on with both cryptocurrency and NFT’s is for you to think outside of the box – how can you sell YOUR brand beyond your products and services only!