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Algorithms Are Everything – Everything Is Algorithm Driven

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Algorithms are everything – Everything is algorithm-driven!

We can see them at work all over the globe. We know that they’re shaping outcomes all around us. The thing is though, most of us have no idea what they are — or even, how we’re being influenced by them. 

What you must know is that they are integrated into every single social media platform Instagram, facebook, linkedin, twitter, and probably most importantly Google!

According to “algorithms are invisible pieces of code that tell a computer how to accomplish a specific task. Think of it as a recipe for a computer: An algorithm tells the computer what to do in order to produce a certain outcome.” 

Every time you decide to do a Google search or take a look at your Facebook feed, perhaps you need to use your GPS navigation in your car? Know this, you’re interacting with an algorithm and algorithms if anything are incredibly consistent. They don’t get tired, and they’re unwaveringly precise. 

Algorithms and digital marketing – The algorithm in digital marketing is the back-end of major platforms, such as Google and Facebook. These websites use the thousands, if not millions, of data points they have on users for the benefit of advertising. Algorithmic marketing is here to stay because of the strength of the results. As more people use this technology, more data is delivered to the platforms, increasing their effectiveness.

Algorithms are everywhere, frequently knowing what you like based on prior behavior. Who knows, maybe zero-click ordering is next, as predicted? 

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