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How to Improve Omnichannel Customer Experience

If you are interested in improving your customer experience and journey, look no further.
With the resurgent wave after wave after wave of Covid19, it looks like the boost in online shopping is here to stay. Most businesses today have already produced a digital presence; it is the only way to carve relationships with customers in this day and age, as part of your omnichannel marketing strategy. If you are planning on being on top of your game, you most likely have already created an optimised website, on-trend social media accounts and lo and behold, perhaps even an app. (hello Checkers and Woolies). Obviously all of this being alongside your traditional marketing methods and resources like your retail shops or service offerings.

What is Omnichannel Marketing? 

Omnichannel marketing links digital marketing with other parts of the business for the benefit of the customer. It is about the integration and cooperation of the various different channels that businesses use to interact with consumers, with the intention of creating a consistent brand experience from start to finish.

An example in omnichannel marketing is a customer buying a new cell phone; they should have the same experience on all channels, including an app, website or in-store. 

The aim is to ensure your customer’s journey is seamless from the get-go throughout their journey, including after the sale communication.

To-Do List.

Do Carry out an analysis on your content.

This is not only about figuring out the different types of content you need to use (educational, informative, engaging etc.), where they should appear and making sure the copy and content you are using in your campaigns is consistent across all channels, but also making sure your informational copy is correct and up to date, nothing makes a consumer lose faith in an organisation faster than misinformation – this breaks their trust which is incredibly hard to gain back.

Make sure any links you use to send your consumer to the right landing page actually work, make sure your chatbots work if you have them, use shortened, relevant URLs, keep your copy consistent to your voice and your brand, ensure that all information on your social campaigns is clear and concise. If you are offering a promotion or discount through an ad, double, triple, quadruple check your terms and conditions, all of this will add to the customer’s journey and ensure that they will have a smooth transition through each and every channel of your marketing.

Do get down to business Online AND Offline (yes, you have a website – but you need MORE!)

Just the simple act of having multiple digital platforms (it sounds more challenging than it is) is what can help your business carve a name for itself. THEN add to that an omnichannel marketing strategy across all of your platforms online and offline, and BOOM, you have created not just a business but also an entire BRAND! Bear in mind that you need to be consistent in your messaging across each channel to increase your brand awareness. I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: your customer NEEDS to get the same experience no matter which channel they choose to use.

Let’s call a spade a spade.

Yes, it might feel as if it is all-consuming while sorting out your omnichannel strategy, BUT you can’t forget about the bigger picture. What is the bigger picture, you may ask? Well, it’s your end product or service that you are offering – keep your eye on THAT ball. Don’t overcomplicate things; we are all creatures of habit, and by calling a spade, a “miraculous hand-held gravel remover” might be taking things a tad too far and will only end up confusing everyone, including you! Stick to what works, stick to what is familiar and adhere to uncomplicated marketing practices to make the journey for your customers a breeze.

Ahoy Matey – Do have a Customer Journey Map. 

You should know your customers’ journey from start to end to ensure you can provide them with the best possible experience; bearing in mind that the journey will change from time to time, it is still best practice to map out their journey and to keep doing this on the regular to keep yourself in the loop and to see if anything is amiss, ultimately it will help you in identifying the main type of customer for your business and pinpoint where in your omnichannel marketing strategy you are performing well and where you are slipping under the radar, you will be able to gain all sorts of insights. A great insight to learn is how your customer finds you – write that down!