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This Reely Is The Way To Go On Instagram

What are Instagram Reels?

A fun, innovative, creative way to create and discover short, entertaining videos on Instagram, Reels invites you to create videos (called reels) to share with your network and followers, or anyone in fact, that is on Instagram. Record and edit 15 or 30-second multi-clip videos with audio, effects, and new creative tools

You need to be consistent in creating reels around the solution to so many customers problems! Show your audience just how YOU are going to HELP them, by solving their worries.  This way you are showcasing your product, but in a subtle way that isn’t going to push the wrong buttons and come across as a hard sale.

There are three definitive ways of creating content for your instagram reels to get the best results.

  1. Educational

This type of reel is where you want to teach people something, you want to educate them by giving them a quick tip, hack or how to video or even a short demonstration video. 

If you want to position your brand as an expert or thought leader in your field, educational reels are the way to go. If you know marketing at all, you will know that what you need to do to capture a consumer’s attention is to ideally solve a problem for them.

Now here are different types of styles when it comes to educational reels, you can simply talk to you camera in a talking to camera type of reel – just a casual conversion between you and your online network and followers, showing them your voice, your brand, allowing them to see your authentic self which in turn breeds trust.

Or you could create a demonstration reel – these are GREAT for those who are still a little camera shy, unlike the “talking to the camera reel” you don’t need to show your face to the camera.

If you are struggling with creating content and generating ideas for your reels, a really great way to approach it is to go back to your Frequently asked questions, are you getting a lot of the same questions asked time and time again… GREAT, that is going to make for some interesting content, not to mention, you are solving a consumer’s problem – double whammy GOOD JOB!

  1. Entertainment

This is probably where your mind wanders when you think about instagram reels right? Dancing, pointing, juggling, just downright… entertaining!  

You might not think of yourself as a performer, and by NO means do we suggest that you HAVE to create these types of reels to be entertaining, what we mean by “entertainment” is that – what you should be focusing on is leveraging trends on the instagram platform specifically for the benefit of your business.  It is all about using audio, music and staying current (NOT being “extra”).

This is great for showing customers and potential customers just how relatable you are, you can include humour and really show your personality and who you are as a brand.  NOTE TO SELF, you really need to remember to make sure that whatever you are doing as your entertainment on these reels, is that it must make sense to your brand as a whole.

The last content type for your reels is

  1. Inspiration

What is Inspiration you might ask – essentially it comes down to just telling YOUR story.  Share your journey whatever that may be – from rags to riches (everyone loves a struggle to success story, it makes you relatable!)  Your ideas when they were just thought bubbles, then dreams, then ultimately your end goal and how you achieved it.

Something great about this type of reel is the way you can share how your product or service can really transform lives, and BONUS, you most likely already have the content for this reel, all you need to do is go perusing through all your videos, then it’s just about putting them together and recycling already great content!

As per all marketing strategies, instagram reels are no different, the most important thing to start off with is RESEARCH, consume as much as you possibly can, have a look at what others in your industry are doing? Have a look at trends, just do as much research as you can to see if you can understand the culture of how other businesses and brands are utilising their reels.

You will also need to test the waters and look at your instagram analytics, figure out what is working and what is not.

You can take a quick snapshot by looking at how many likes, shares and comments you are getting, and to go in depth, you need to have a look at your insights in your instagram settings, there you will be able to see your impressions, reach and how many new followers you have gained. (ALWAYS remember, no matter if a reel does not do as well as you had hoped, never ever delete your reels solely for vanity measures, a low performing reel can ultimately help another reel to boost it’s reach in the future – (but that is another story for another day, stay tuned in the future for that one!)

You are probably wondering how often you will need to be creating reels in order to be relevant, stay relevant and to get results.  Most importantly you need to create a strategy that you can maintain.  Of course, the more instagram reels you post, the better (It’s all about the algorithm) BUT make sure you can maintain this.  To create a consistent strategy you should probably create 2 to 3 reels a week! 

So, Give it a go, let’s see how you do! If you have no time, call us, we’ll do it for you! (we’re so excited we’re even rhyming)