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What you can NO LONGER DO in Facebook Ads Manager

I know we have briefly touched on this topic, but it really is such a HOT topic at the moment, we thought we would delve a little deeper and explain a bit more what this all means to individuals who use Facebook as their advertising platform.

2021 and Apple  is bringing about some change in Facebook, some of the change will make you happy, others confused and some might take you completely by surprise, either way you definitely WANT to be prepared for what is to come!

If you are trying so hard to advertise your products, services or company via facebook, then you are  probably sitting on the edge of your seat right about now.  

What is Apple doing with IOS 14?  Let us explain – they have implemented a prompt giving Apple users the choice whether to allow tracking for Facebook applications  or not, if a user decides to opt-out of this tracking situation then it becomes difficult to track any events and conversions of those users which ultimately limits the data you receive which helps you to optimise your facebook Ads.

There is also a limit on events, which means Facebook will be limiting you to only 8 conversions per domain (including pixel events like conversions and page views) as well as removing the 28-day Click Attribution Window and replacing it with a 7-day click and 1-day view attribution window.

Is all of this making your brain and heart hurt just a little bit? WE KNOW, we felt it for a second too, BUT, how do we really feel about it now that we have given it some serious thought?  Honestly, we feel FINE! Yes, some tracking will inevitably be reduced, but HEY, that’s what we do, we get creative and innovative and roll with the punches.  As the digital space evolves, we adapt and evolve which ultimately only serves to make us more adept at our job, so really we should be thanking Apple!

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