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Conversational Marketing

As you can tell by the name already, it explains a lot as soon as you read it – but if you’re wondering how it actually works, and where it fits in and why it’s so essential in 2021, Go forth and keep reading! 

Conversational marketing is a dialogue-driven, customer-centric approach to marketing. It has become the “it” strategy for facilitating customer engagement and growing revenue; it is based on creating one-to-one interactions in real-time and can be across multiple channels and platforms, as well as enabling you to maintain customer relationships and by customising online interactions.

Things like messaging apps (on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Snapchat and so on and so forth), as well as chatbots and live chat, are all used to enable and encourage these personalised conversations.

If you know about Chatbots, these, in particular, have made conversational marketing more accessible; however, if you think of any form of two-way communication, for example, emailing and calling can also be grouped into the conversational marketing strategy. 

In Today’s marketing world, messaging is most likely the more in-demand way to reach out to consumers; people enjoy chatting and prefer instant responses, which shows us why apps like WhatsApp are so incredibly popular.

In saying that, understanding and assessing what YOUR customers preferred way of conversing is crucial. You need to adjust your tone of voice accordingly. Are they looking for a casual convo with a chatbot or live chat? Do they prefer hearing a human voice at the other end of the phone? These are all things you need to figure out by doing your research and then communicating in that way that suits your customer best

Ultimately, if you have the customers’ needs at heart and the primary goal of your conversational marketing strategy is to enhance the user experience, fostering higher engagement and greater loyalty, then YOU my friend, are already a step ahead; let us take over and fine-tune everything for you.