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Something completely bizarre is happening at the moment, in a turnabout of events “the little people” are taking a stand and sticking it to the man! Usually we are all for the underdog, HOWEVER in this case, they have hit him where it hurts, and we don’t think they are playing fair!

You must have heard by now about the #notapennymore campaign?  If not, let me explain briefly, football fans are boycotting Manchester United and ALL of their sponsors and it is financially damaging each and every one, in a HUGE way! 

They are staging a digital protest and targeting cyber attacks on their Google Ads and analytics by engaging in a large-scale click fraud, so what this means is the fans are fraudulently clicking on their paid Google ads.  According to CEO Brett Jacobson from the digital agency Mediaworks, the barrage of click fraud has cost sponsors in excess of £1.2 million so far, and they are not done yet!

When you incorporate Google Ads into your marketing strategy, you don’t give a minute’s thought to the negative side (because that’s OUR job!) Unfortunately this can happen to anyone (do you have any disgruntled customers?) and you can’t rely on Google alone to protect your ad spend.  


The GOOD news is, there is something we can do to help, cannect digital is one of only five companies in SA using PPC Protect which results in at least a 10% saving of all clicks for our Google Ads clients.  We are able to filter traffic automatically and in real time with PPC Protect’s cybersecurity driven detection engine.  We can target bad traffic, secure your data and STOP invalid clicks!

Let our In-house Google Guru’s have a look at your Google Ads marketing strategy and let’s fight the good fight together.