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The Importance of typography in Marketing

Typography is essential in advertising because it tells the consumer what they’re reading and why it’s important to them. Typography influences how readers process information and the most successful typography also engages the consumer.

Content Marketing has become a necessity in any and every company’s digital marketing strategy, given its ability to generate leads and drive sales conversions.

As marketers, we like to push the boundaries and test various elements like fonts as well as colours to see their effect on the customer and our turnover.

Of course, the actual content and copy itself will ignite that spark and interest in the reader. BUT, don’t be mistaken, there are so many more intuitive factors that are often overlooked, and we feel that one of those little things is choosing the correct FONT and typography, something that makes the copy you have written – STAND OUT. 

As a marketer, we can infuse our content with your style, personality and brand.

BEFORE any copy or content is even written, what does the consumer see first… You guessed it, the font, this could make or break your content, SO MAKE IT COUNT! The reader, without even realising what they are doing, will see the typeface, point size, line and letter spacing and make a judgement call, so this all needs to be something that is legible, clear, and visually appealing to the reader; otherwise, they might not continue reading your copy in the first place, no matter HOW amazing it is!

To us, we see this as another opportunity to be ridiculously creative; we want to use the proper typography that will evoke certain emotions when used in the right context.

BIG, LOUD AND BOLD, or a teeny tiny whisper, we need the reader to believe in everything that they are reading, we want to take them on a journey; that is our little magic trick. 

Let us work our magic on your Typography.