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The Importance of colour in marketing

A digital marketing world in colour – colours are compelling. They can impact our feelings and even how we behave. One could say that their effect is universal.  However, to each their own, and every individual’s perception of colour is mainly subjective and how the consumer will react to particular hues is dependent on their demographic, things that include gender, age and culture.

There are many elements of design and marketing that will appeal to our emotions; however, to us, colour holds the most influence. So it is essential to think about what you are trying to communicate to the customer, what are you trying to achieve by using the imagery and colours you have chosen.

After 2020 which was full of uncertainty, In 2021, people will want harmony, we want stability, and we crave comfort, which will extend to and be reflected in the colour trends you’ll see in new marketing designs for 2021.

Winter 2021 sees a palette that is full of warm, richly pigmented, grounding, earthy colours. 

A darker orange pigment called Amberglow (doesn’t that just sound so cosy!), as well as a darker reddish tone called Samba (yes aka a Brazilian dance move)as well as a gorgeous new take on brown with a swatch, called Fired Brick and lastly a striking and dramatic Magenta Purple, complete our darker shades.  With our lighter winter palette consisting of peach nougat (a delightful pink tone), Rose Tan – a more lavender or pastel purple hue, green sheen, which as per its namesake DOES indeed have a green sheen but is more yellow in hue and lastly, the earthy sandstone which has hints of tan and almost a rust colour combination.

We always do our research, and our creative, meticulous, eagle eye,  in-house designers are waiting for your call to talk about all things colour for your winter marketing strategy.