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Linkedin Live and It’s benefits

LinkedIn Live, you could compare it to that of Facebook or Instagram Live. 

This Livestreaming platform allows its users to broadcast a live video to their network and followers. 

Your video will go directly to your page in real-time, and people are able to interact with you directly.

You may use it on your own LinkedIn page or your company’s profile. However you decide to use it, there is no doubt that this feature can significantly impact your company’s LinkedIn strategy. 

A few different ways to use LinkedIn Live

Announce Or Demonstrate New Products or Services 

If you are hoping to garner some excitement regarding a big announcement for your business or a brand new offering? 

Going live to make your announcement is the way to go. If you really want to get the hype up before the announcement, try promoting the launch with a few extra posts leading up to the big reveal. If you offer a service or product that could be a bit technical and needs some sort of an explanation, again… Linkedin Livestream is the perfect platform, the best part about it is because you are in real-time, your network is able to interact with you and even ask you questions as you are showcasing, which leads us to our next point.

Have A Q & A Livestream

The sophistication of a Linkedin Livestream vs video post allows you as the host to be able to interact with your customers/network/followers in real-time. If you find you are getting many questions from your followers, why not host a Livestream Q & A forum to answer them for your entire audience.

Introduce Team Members

If you are the type of business that is focused on creating your brand and showing who you are behind the scenes, then Linkedin Livestream is a most beautiful platform to share your successes and growth with your followers. Followers love to interact with a company when they can put faces and names together. Use your live video to show off your employees through quick introductions where each person shares a few fun facts or perhaps a short tour around the office.

Share Tips And Tutorials

Tutorial and how-to videos are some of the most popular because they share tips and tricks to help people accomplish a specific goal. Doing a Livestream tutorial takes it to another level; your followers will be interacting with you as you are teaching and explaining.

Start A Recurring Live Stream Series 

People are creatures of habit, and we like to know what we are getting ourselves into; you are more likely to get viewers if people can anticipate your content, so instead of sporadically doing a Live stream session, it might be worth your while to start a Live stream series that actually goes live at the same time every week/month/quarter. 

Bearing in mind to promote it in the days leading up to the stream. This gives people a better chance to actually be logged on when you go live, especially on a platform like LinkedIn, where people probably aren’t checking in constantly.

However you and your company see fit to use your LinkedIn Live platform, DO IT, the most important thing is that you are actually using this amazing feature.  When you stream live video content to your LinkedIn communities you are driving engagement and you are gaining organic viewers which in turn will ultimately lead to more sales for you.

The magic is in creating content that keeps the viewers enamored with your every move and has them coming back for more.  Here at cannect digital, we know how to do just that with our In-house Video Tech Gurus and our Content Creators, we WANT to create that magic for you!