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Cannect’s steps to shape your marketing strategy

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WOW, well this is a crazy time we are living in!! 

Hopefully, your business has been able to adapt to the changes that have affected us all during this pandemic without loss, and maybe, you might even have been able to create a new way of working digitally to your advantage. Right now is the time for us to get started on your 2021 Marketing plan together – let’s do this thing.

  1. Let’s Get to Know Your Customers

Research. Whether selling a product or service, a business offering needs to appeal to customers’ wants and needs, which is continually changing. We take the time to understand your customers, their goals, the barriers they face, and what influences them. 

2. Let’s Think SMART

We do understand that marketing is just one area of your business, but if you have your marketing ducks in a row, together we will be able to grow your online presence and create a brand for your business. 

It is crucial that you review your business goals with us in order to create a marketing strategy that’s SMART:

· Specific,

· Measurable,

· Achievable,

· Realistic and

· Timely.

3. Provide The Ideal Customer Journey

We ask the tough questions, and we get the right answers! 

What can we do to help you shape a new sales funnel to include, interest, decision and action on the consumers part?

What exactly is the ideal customer journey? We want the journey that your customers take through your buying process to be spectacular so that at the end of this journey, they become a customer for life. What this means is taking the visual representation of the marketing and sales funnel we have created and bringing it to life.

4. We Don’t Stop Building Your Brand

Your marketing strategy relies on the strength of your brand—the key term here being ‘building’, which means it’s a continual process. If you want your marketing campaigns to hold weight with your customers, we need you to stand out in a market that is always shifting. We determine what your Unique Selling Point is (USP) and focus on this to build your brand

5. We Are The Masters At Creating Valuable Content

Digital marketing is the focus of every marketing strategy now, with content marketing at its core. We make every effort to ensure our content for you is valuable to readers and optimised for search engines. (SEO, Search Engine Optimisation – we are experts at this!!) We think of your audience and target their needs, authentically and consistently.

6. Get the Best Tools for the Job

Finally, and most importantly, your technology needs to support your strategy, not the other way around, and we have all the digital marketing tools at our disposal. 

We love what we do, and that is what makes us so good!

Let us help you with your marketing strategy planning