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2020 Digital Marketing Trends That Nobody Is Talking About!

With the New Year on the horizon, are you aware of the 2020 digital marketing trends? Of course, you are! But what about the trends that no one is talking about…

We all know voice search will account for over 50% of search queries next year, but there are other trends that will emerge from the shadows in 2020!


Don’t Just Rely On Google Analytics


Google Analytics is a great free tool! But marketing is continually evolving, with new channels like voice search being introduced.

Purchases are also no longer straight forward transactions.

Nowadays, transactions include the complexities of upsells, down sells, repeat purchases and checkout bumps. There are also numerous ways you can acquire revenue for online business- like partnerships, affiliate marketing and webinars!

These changes in the digital marketing landscape have resulted in companies starting to use analytic solutions that better tie into their database.

Solutions like Amplitude and business intelligence are gaining momentum. Business intelligence allows for a central place to tie in all data, helping companies make more informed decisions. This enables companies to optimize lifetime value for clients instead of short-term income.

In 2020 we will see more companies adopting business intelligence solutions. Check out free ones like Google Data Studio!


Optimise For Voice Search Not Revenue


Optimizing for voice search is a smart way to get better brand exposure. However, the question is, how does this convert to sales?

There aren’t many solutions out there when it comes to capitalising on voice search traffic besides Jetson. ai. Jetson makes it easy, so people can buy from your website using voice search that works with most popular devices. It can also learn from each customer and customise interactions. How cool!

For example, if I keep ordering the same type of shampoo from a specific store using voice search, keeps track of my purchase behaviour, so I can easily keep ordering the same product with no hassle.


Email won’t convert as well. You’ll have to look for alternative communication channels.


Email is pretty much still ubiquitous in the corporate world.

On average open rates are roughly the same across all industries due to list hygiene and optimising for deliverability. However, click rates are going down.

Now, this does not mean email is dying, far from it!

But it does mean companies will have to leverage more communication channels in 2020.

Chatbots will take off immensely next year, solutions like ManyChat and Mobile Monkey leverage Facebook Messenger. As these bots connect with Instagram and Whatsapp chances are high, they will increase in popularity.

We will also see more people using tools that allow for push notifications like subscribers.


Brand Building


Focusing on building a brand is a timeless strategy. Your competitive advantage, be it your cost structure, a technological advantage or marketing edge might work now, but it won’t last forever. That’s why building a brand is so important.

Take Kylie Jenner, for example; her personal brand isn’t anything mind-blowing, it’s her strong branding that has taken the world over. Don’t underestimate the power of brand building, whether it’s for your own personal brand or business.


Marketing Automation Solutions


Over the years, running paid ads has become more accessible. Credit card companies have made it convenient for start-ups to get approved for more significant limits.

With most businesses been able to access paid ads, the playing field has become more level. If you want your business to do well in 2020 and beyond, you will have to leverage AI and automation.

Companies like BrightEdgeutomated solutions can increase page views by 60% as well as allowing 21% more keywords on page one.

If all your competitors are using it and you are not, you will be left in the smoke as these automated solutions will make changes faster and more accurate than a human!

So how do you win?

Besides adopting automated solutions, factors like pricing, excellent customer service, upselling, operational efficiencies, the small stuff and the details are what will keep you in the game and get you the prize!

Don’t despair. There will be free automated solutions that will pop up!


In It For the Gains


Your business can no longer survive and grow off one marketing channel. Marketing is now moving in the direction of ‘marginal gains’.

Improving just 1% of every area of your digital marketing will result in an incredible improvement. Focus on slightly improving each area of your marketing. It’s all about the little things adding up over time.




The reality is 95% off your visitors will never convert into a customer… chances are it might even be as high as 97%!

This isn’t because your marketing efforts are inadequate or the visitors aren’t quality leads.

It’s because your message won’t suit every single one of your visitors. However, through personalisation initiatives, you can convert more of your visitors into customers.

Take Amazon for example: When you go onto the Amazon site, they are familiar with your search and buying patterns. Therefore they only show you what they think you might be interested in buying in order to boost conversions. And the great news is, it works!

Try to personalise more areas of your business, online and offline, so you can better serve your customers.

These trends are the future of marketing. If you want to remain in the competitive space, you will have to adopt them.