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Mobile devices make up a staggering 70% of all our daily connections – and yet we make it difficult for people to connect and engage with us.

URUP allows people to connect and engage in seconds, with no application download and no sign up process making communication effective, easy and exciting.

One Click

Engage consumers with your brand, in a single step, through any channel


Hundreds, thousands and even millions of consumers engage simultaneously


Instant analytics reveal participant and audience insights and the success of your campaigns


Our system’s modularity allows you to assemble your exact communication objective in minutes; be it Marketing, Training, Onboarding, Surveys, Merchandising, Investor Reports, Press or RSVP  Management etc., with no requirement for technical knowledge. Just 7 easy steps to create your custom solution.

Your audience can engage in just a single click through any traditional channel in seconds, and URUP’s leading micro services technology allows you to interact through any internet based device. This coupled with a data efficient footprint means it can even operate efficiently in 2G network environments.

One Click engagement mechanism

By adding URUP there is no App Download or Sign Up required, barriers to entry fall away, resulting in mass engagement. Consumers are engaged within seconds entering through sms, email, short code, USSD and social media, working across all smartphones and devices.

Consumer education through innovative engagement

Using URUP you can create skill based, entertaining engagements, made easy through the One Click engagement mechanism. Consumers don’t just see your message, they are educated through the process as they work their way up the leaderboard.

Comprehensive data & analytics

Using URUP reveals comprehensive instant data and analytics on the consumer, providing effective trend analysis and bespoke insight into the success of your chosen channels and campaigns.

Speed & Scale for any requirement

URUP’s engagement software can be utilised across multiple industries and mass consumer channels such as TV, Radio and Stadiums, allowing for thousands and even millions of consumers to compete simultaneously.


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Email us so we can send you some basic information about URUP and how it can plugged into all your communication and training requirements.

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Let us create a customised engagement of your product to experience the engagement and how it can be tailored to meet your campaigns objectives.

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Amplify your campaign: simply request a profile on our self-service admin portal and inject us into all your channels!

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